Using the Garden

The garden is open to the public when the gate is unlocked.  To join the garden and receive a key, the membership rules must be accepted, signed and a key fee of $1.50 paid. 

Members of the garden also have the opportunity to schedule a private event for a $75 fee.

A summary of the rules are below.  For more information contact Irene VanSlyke at or 718-852-5668.  Other garden coordinators are Maureen Houtrides 718-643-1910 and Robert Florin 718-852-5436.

General rules:

The David Foulke Memorial Garden 248/250 Bergen Street, Brooklyn is owned by the Brooklyn Queens Land Trust (BQLT).  All gardens and gardeners have to abide by these general rules established by BQLT:

    The land will be used as a garden for the benefit of the public.
    The garden will be open at least 12 hours a week from April through October.
    No alcohol can be consumed, produced or sold in the garden.
    No illegal activities or nuisance is permitted, including illegal drug sales or use, gambling, keeping dangerous animals or loud music.

Specific rules:

Garden members are encouraged to donate time and effort to keep the garden clean and well cared for and see to it that garden rules are followed.

All members will be issued a key and be responsible for locking the garden gate after leaving the garden.

Any event or party a gardener plans to hold in the garden must be scheduled with a coordinator at least 2 weeks in advance.  A check for $75 made out to the 200 Bergen Street Block Association must be submitted.

Use of the sandbox does not have to be scheduled and is available to members' children and their guests.

No pesticides are allowed.
Tools must not be removed from the garden and must be placed back in the tool shed.
No pets are allowed in the garden.